Frocktober Day 31 – FINALE!!!

For a fitting Frocktober finale, I chose a vintage 1950s frock that was given to me by a friend who knew I was a bit of a frock feind, and that I would cherish the frock forever. And I love it, I really do.

flowers for the finale

aweeee, look at the roses

Margaret Been, Australian Legal Practitioner took my photos today, and we were trying to do a nod to the 1950sness of the frock. But it just wasn’t working…

1950s Mummys little helper



I became a Zombie bride who wanted to eat braiiiinzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

First I ate Ebony’s brain

She’s got a touch of the pinkeye today – she didn’t taste very good.

Then I ate Tuanh Ly’s brain….

Tasted a bit like numbers….

Then I stopped for a pic with my old friend Margaret Breen. Didn’t eat her brain (she’s already a Zombie).

Oh hay Margaret Breen


Don’t I look perrrtyyyyyyyyy for halloweeeeennnnnnnnn??????

It’s too late for me…..but it’s not to late to donateeeeeeeeee

Frocktober Day 30 – the penultimate frock

My PENULTIMATE Frocktober frock is by Jacqueline King-Small.

A frock fit for an African Queen.

What’s that you say? Looks like a Wayne Cooper or a Charlie Brown?

I know, right?

My vivacious friend Jacqui made it to wear to her 40th birthday (sorry Jac, I mean 39th).

An African Queen(it’s ok I can say that, Jac is from Africa, you know)

And DAMN, didn’t she look arm-ar-zing holding court in the frock that night.

So when she offered to loan it to me for Frocktober, of course I JUMPED at the opportunity. I am quite partial to a bit of animal print myself.

What I love about it the most, is it’s versatility. I could wear it to a glamourous pool-side party.

Or I could be closing a deal in a high-powered boardroom meeting.

And then I could go straight out to do some disco-dancing.

You should be dancing – yeah!

In fact, I think this frock did go for a disco dance on the night of Jac’s 39th – Hip-e-Club wasn’t it, Jac?


Here’s the donation page, if you’d like to donate to OCRF

And thankyou to all of you LOVELY people who have supported my Frocktober mission, laughed at my blog and helped me raise funds that will help the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation find an early detection test for this awful disease.

One. More. Day. To. Go.

Frocktober Day 29 – Window to 1996

So today I am wearing one of Mum’s classic 90s frocks from Windows Boutique. It’s a raw silk Anthea Crawford number with some significantly sized shoulder pads.

Kind of look like a Grid Iron player

Mum says she felt like a million bucks when she wore this frock and saved it because she loved it sooooo much. I understand at the time she wore it with bronze heels and some big gold earings. Nice. Even though Anthea has been in the cupboard for 15 years – for a final Frocktober refashion – let’s see if there’s any life in the old girl…

Windows has always offered a tailoring service, so if you buy something there and it needs a tweak so it fits you perfectly they do it on site. So we basically undid the tailoring they did to make Anthea fit Mum.

The first thing to do was to get rid of these bad boys.

And then sort out the split and the length. The side seams had been taken in slightly so I unpicked those so they were back to the original seam. Max helped.

“I don’t want to be in the blog, I’m having a fat day,” said Maxwell.

And this is the result!

There’s some life in the old girl yet!

Now, I’ve been posting frocks Mum bought from Windows in the 90s, but to be fair to Fiona (lovely owner of Windows) I thought I should post a couple of pictures of me in Windows frocks from the actual 2000s.

Here’s some Windows from the 2000s

The hand in the red frock did NOT come with the dress. Sorry my mad digital skills don’t extend to removing that one.

If you’re ever in Vic Park, pop in and say hi to Fiona and the team. Their service is second to none and they still offer the awesome on-site tailoriong service.


363 Albany Highway, Victoria Park

Monday – Friday 10 – 6

Saturday – Sunday 10 – 3

Frocktober Day 28 – a 90s floral moment

The Basin, Rottnest Island, avoiding sharks.

90s floral is having a bit of a thing at the moment. Not sure why. But I snapped this little cheapie up a couple of months ago in a fit of nostalgia and wore it on a day trip to Rottnest Island today, with a hat I bought at the Royal Show about four years ago.

Why am I drawing your attention to my hat? Well, those of you who know me well, will know that I have an enormously circumferenced head and it’s a rare occasion that I find a hat that fits. So when I found this one I snapped it up and signaled to the rest of the Big Head clan to come over and grab one for themselves. They were dag-a-rama four years ago. Now they are hot. Chalk one up for the Big Heads and their fashion forwardness.

Anyway, back to the floral.

ermergerd 90s floral, you are so like, ironic.

Its not like I had such a great run first time round in the 90s floral, with the skinny straps, and the white t-shirt underneath. I just thought it would be a funny opportunity to trawl the internet in the name of fundraising for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation to find some other 90s floral like this….

helloooooo Beverly Hills 90210

and this

What’s up Elaine you crazy lady?

But then what did I find on the internets?

oh hey Chloe

Damn you Chloe in your ironic 90s floral with skinny straps and a BLACK T-SHIRT UNDERNEATH. Yeah, whatevs.  I bet you don’t have a friend named Scott with a new hat and some trendy new shorts from somewhereorother I don’t remember the name of, and eyebrows fashioned after early 90s TV heartthrob Alex Papps.

Scott has got a new hat, and his eyebrows are fashioned after Alex Papps.

See, Alex Papps.

Alex Papps, of Home and Away and The Hendersons 2 fame.

So Rottnest was nice today.

Rottnest Island doesn’t care how ironic you are (although we did spot some hipsters with enormous hipster beards today).

Frocktober Day 27 – ships ahoy

Every now and then I walk into Tempt. I have no idea why, but every now and then I find a beaut. That’s where I found this stripy number for $25. I’ve already worn it about a dozen times so on a cost-per-wear basis that makes this frock redonkulously good value.

It was also perfect for a day on the Swan River, to celebrate my friend Joselyn’s Hens Day.

Bit of a stripy number. Love a stripe.

Loved catching up with the girls…

Look at Jos, she’s a briiide!!

I took along a captains hat today, and was going to pose in it for a bit of a joke Frocktober photo, but then we decided the hat looked better on Mike.

That hat looks better on you Mike

From henceforth, let Mike be known as Captain Mike.

I accidentally got a bit of sunscreen on Captain Mike….

oops, better sort that out before you get suntan hands Captain Mike

Here, let me help you with that Captain Mike.

Ah, you’re such a good sport Captain Mike, and how awesome of you to arrange those DOLPHINS to swim by the boat while we were stopped for lunch as well. Best. Hens. Ever!

*photos, except for the one she appears in by Miranda Holker

Frocktober Day 26 – loaning Leona

Hello everyone.

I would have posted earlier today, but I’ve been a bit busy being fabulous in Bridget Tombleson’s Leona Edmiston frock.


I actually feel like a movie star in it.


What has also helped in the glamour stakes, is that I was working with photographer extraordinaire Tony McDonough today, who snapped this picture for me in between jobs.

Bridget came to the rescue with this frock, because I am completely out of grown-up outfits and I’ve got to go straight from work to a “Cocktail Soiree” tonight.

You’re the best BT x x x

(ps. Zzzzeriously, who calls anything a soiree thesedays unless it’s a costume party?)

Sure the Leona will hold her own, whatever the mixed-bag tonight.

Frocktober Day 25 – I’m a stripeoholic

Hello my name is Rachael and I’m a stripeoholic.

Hmmm, I think you might have a little ishoo, Rachael

I’m not sure why I have such a penchant for stripes. It’s probably something to do with the clean lines or the old-school nautical links.

Or maybe I just like to lay down on the road every now and then and pretend to be a zebra crossing.

So here I am in a Marks and Spencer frock I bought online for about $50, about 18 months ago.

It’s been in my wardrobe ever since. I think I’ve been saving it for a special occasion, which is a RIDICULOUS thing to do to a frock. Don’t save them up because EVERYDAY should be a special occasion!

Stripes!! on my Frock!!

I’d just like to point out a couple of things about my Day 25 outfit.

It’s actually quite tricky to tie an upside-down bow that turns out THIS WELL!

And I’ve tried one of those bun extender things for the first time today. Also a tricky exercise.

My bun is so big it actually touched the roof of the car.

There’s seven days of Frocktober left! If you like stripes, how about a donation to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation?

Frocktober Day 24 – it’s designer dahlink

When my glamourous friend Pip offered to loan me some frocks for Frocktober I was all like,  “say whaaaaat, how am I going to fit into anything that belongs to that tall drink of water?”

Pip, with her husband Wade, in Sass & Bide. Ridiculously glamourous.

But then I remembered that she had some Morrison frocks.

When the frock handover happened, I was secretly hoping…

“Please let them be Morrison, please let them be Morrison.”

And guess what…

Today I’m wearing Morrison!!!


Margaret Breen, Certified Legal Practitioner took these Frocktober photos for me today.

I’m thinking arty Freo designer thoughts here.

I don’t know what it is about a lawyer taking photos of a comms manager in a designer frock, but pretty soon, the rest of the office wanted a piece of the action.

We decided Rob could be in the blog because he’s wearing Kenneth Cole today (plus he’d already donated to Frocktober).

You’re in the Wolfpack now Roberto, you’re in the Wolfpack now…

Frocktober Day 23 – what have I got that goes with high vis?

When you have to take photos in the field, it’s clearly a jeans day.

I had to take photos in the field this morning, and oh how I would have loved to wear a nice jean*. (*Try saying it like this – “joine”)

I faced my Frocktober challenge wearing a stretchy purple Dorothy Perkins number that I bought online for 22 pounds. I acessorised it with a high-vis vest, a Canon EOS 60D and a sensible pair of flats.

“Ok, crouch down and look serious,” I told the safety guy.

The safety guy was most accommodating when I asked him to take a photo of me taking a photo of him.

Back at the office, I’ve swapped the sensible flats for a seafoam-coloured high heel*. (*you know how I want you to say it now – “high hoile”).

“oOoh. What’s with those shoes?” said Margaret Breen when she saw me this morning.

These are my shoes of guilt, and I know they’re a a little bit ‘old lady stuck in her clubbing days’. I bought them in a panic, for a ball and then didn’t wear them to the ball so I need to get some use out of them. *SHEESH* I’m going to make an equivalent donation to my Frocktober total, ok?

In happy news, I am a mere $4.63 off cracking $2000 raised for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. In case you haven’t donated already, here is a handy link to my fundraising